1Overview of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of three forms of tooth replacement, the others being dentures and fixed bridgework. While dental implants cost are a consideration for patients, dental implants are often chosen because implants function much more like natural teeth. Where bridgework uses adjacent teeth and dentures rest on the gums for support, implants are secured to the jaw and are the strongest and most stable means of replacing missing teeth. An added  benefit of implants is they provide a foundation for stabilizing jaw mass when bone loss has occurred.

Dental implants are the preferred method of tooth replacement for patients seeking the closest thing to natural teeth, enjoying superior form and function.

Replacing Missing Teeth

In concert with your dentist, the decision as to what form of treatment is most suitable is based on your individual circumstances and diagnosis. Your options for tooth replacement are:




Partial Dentures


Require teeth to secure in place

Crowns can be used to secure a partial denture

Dental implants are also used to secure a partial denture

Full Dentures


Sit on gums

Held in place by adhesive

Dental implants can be used to secure a full denture

Tooth Supported


Requires adequate teeth adjacent to missing teeth

Implant Supported


Replaces one or multiple missing teeth


Can be used to replace removable teeth


Treatment with Implants

When dental implants are selected by the patient numerous benefits accrue to the individual.


First and foremost, dental implants are a long lasting, low maintenance form of tooth replacement. Where dentures and bridgework require varying degrees of care, dental implants function exactly like natural teeth.

Affixed to the jaw by a titanium post(s), implants are the most secure and stable form of tooth replacement. The bone fuses with the titanium post through a process known as osseointegration creating the strongest possible foundation for a replacement tooth or teeth. Fusion of the bone to the implant’s post avoids future bone loss and deterioration. Bone loss cannot be avoided when dentures or fixed bridgework are used. Once the dental implant is fused to the jawbone a crown is created, fitted and permanently cemented in place. Crowns will improve appearance and ensure the proper bite, often superior to the patient’s natural teeth. Dental implants require no special care or maintenance. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

example of mouth with dental implants

Examples of dental implants

Use of Advanced Diagnostic Tools

I-CAT open CT

Dr. Caputo offers three forms of radiography, including I-CAT, i.e. open CT scans. Not common in an office setting, the I-CAT open CT is the ideal tool when preparing for dental implants.

State of the art, I-CAT, open CT scanning and 3-D software are used to diagnose complex situations and plan advanced forms of treatment. When implants are planned the I-CAT serves four purposes, determining the size and location of the sinuses, identifying the location of nerves, measuring the amount of bone mass to host implants and what is the proper positioning of implants relative to existing teeth and bone mass.

The I-CAT open CT has proven invaluable in countless implant procedures.

Implants as a Post for Dentures and Partials

It should be noted dental implants can also be used to secure partials or dentures. If the patient is missing several teeth, particularly molars, it may be preferable to place one or more implants to secure a full or partial denture. This gives the partial more stability and resulting in a stronger and more natural bite.

2 Personal Care Plan

Before undertaking a course of treatment it is recommended patients undergo an initial examination and review with Dr. Caputo a “Personal Care Plan”.

This process is an opportunity to gather information, make known your preferences and oral health priorities. Dr. Caputo’s aim is always the same, to provide the most appropriate avenue of care while treating the underlying condition. For Dr. Caputo’s part – timing, number of visits, and costs are always included in the conversation.



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